Unwinding at Jurlique Chadstone with the Classic Signature Facial

Who doesn’t enjoy an hour-long pampering session with some of the best natural products money can buy. A couple of weeks ago I experienced just that when I had the pleasure of visiting the Jurlique Spa at Chadstone* to create content for social media. For the first time ever I experienced Jurlique’s 1-hour Classic Signature Facial and I can’t wait to share how amazing my skin is feeling. For those of you not familiar with Jurlique you are about to become a lot more acquainted with this 33-year-old Australian skincare brand!

First impressions

Going into the consultation I was super excited because Jurlique is one of the most incredible natural skincare labels out there. Their farm is located in the unspoiled hills of South Australia and they grow their most iconic skincare ingredients here using organic farming methods (read here). Side note - next Spring I want to visit their farm when all the flowers are in full bloom! It sounds so idyllic.

The consultation room itself was absolutely beautiful. The rustic wooden décor and white floral wallpaper created a relaxing ambiance that made it easy to forget that stress even existed. It was the perfect room to unwind. As I chatted with my facialist Charise I knew I was in good hands because she is the Chadstone manager and has worked for the company for an extremely long time. I can’t remember the exact number of years but it was in the vicinity of  a decade. What made this experience so wonderful was just how passionate Charise is about her job. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about the Jurlique range and skincare in general, I noticed the little things. Examples include her offering to refill my tea, altering the lighting or re-rolling the towels when I was taking photos after the treatment. This showed she took genuine pride and joy in how Jurlique was represented.


Before the treatment began, I discussed my skincare concerns with Charise. My main focuses were the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my chin area and the big red pimple above my right eyebrow. For those who have read my previous skincare blogs you will remember that I have been healing from a huge outbreak I had around Christmas. The acne has cleared up however I still have those faint purple marks on my face (known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and this is taking a while to fade away. Based off my concerns, Charise decided that the products from the “Herbal Recovery” range would probably be most suited to me.

Now onto the consultation. I came into the session with a little bit of make-up on my face so a thorough cleanse was necessary. For the first cleanse the "Replenishing Cleansing Lotion" (which is also suitable for removing eye-makeup) was used to clean my face. Then a second cleanse was performed with a cleansing brush to purify the skin further. After this Charise examined my skin under one of those special magnifying lamps. As I have been making a conscious effort to up my water intake I was happy to hear that my skin was looking super hydrated. However she agreed that I definitely needed to focus on healing my chin area!

The next element of the treatment involved repeated facial compresses using steamed muslin cloth and the “Calendula Lavender Hydrating Essence”. This step is based off an ancient Egyptian beauty technique and was one of the most relaxing elements of the entire experience. It really opens up your pores and I didn’t want it to end! After this it was time to exfoliate using a professional enzyme peel (not available for sale). This was used to help combat my blemishes and deeply cleanse my pores. It was extremely gentle and I didn’t feel any tingling at all. While this was activating and absorbing on my face, Charise performed a relaxing hand and arm exfoliation. If you have never experienced this then you are missing out!

For the next component of the facial, the “Purely White Skin Brightening Facial Treatment Mask” was applied. It is a beautiful paper mask that did wonders for my skin and left my face glowing by the end of the session. While the mask was doing its magic, Charise then performed a hand pamper using the rose hand cream! It was so incredible. I love the smell of that hand cream so much. I have it at home and I am so addicted to it.

After the mask was removed it was time for moisturising and protection. As my main concerns involved healing my skin, most of the products used on my face were from the “Herbal Recovery” range. See below for the list of products used to complete this final important step.


Immediately after my spa experience I was blown away with how bright, glowing and soft my skin was. All of the photos on my blog showcase my natural skin make-up free immediately after the treatment. No filters or digital enhancements have been applied in post editing either. I was extremely impressed with the condition of my skin especially seeing that the facial was so gentle and no extractions were performed. In the past I have gone to beauty boutiques that do extractions, however Jurlique’s more gentle approach left my skin looking a million times better. Following the treatment I was given a take home goodie bag filled to the brim with samples to try and a cute pink cloth vanity case. Charise also provided me with an individualised list of products that would benefit my current skin concerns. I have been using these samples and they are really helping my skin out a lot. It is good to know that the facialists at Jurlique are honest and accurate in their recommendations. I also love that Jurlique is so generous with their samples as for me it's important to know that a product will actually benefit me before committing to purchase.

As for how my skin is faring after the appointment? Well, you will be pleased to know that the pimple above my right eyebrow was practically gone the very next day. This was so incredible given it had been there for an entire week. My skin is still reaping the benefits of this visit and I have had no breakouts on my face for 2 weeks since visiting. My face still feels soft, plump, hydrated and smooth. Even though a facial may seem like a huge expense, I think it is definitely worth the money when the benefits are this long lasting. I see paying $110 for two acne free weeks as well worth it.

Thanks so much for reading. Please visit my Instagram Stories for before/after shots and videos of the experience. I will be saving them to my beauty highlights for you to refer back to at any time so you can decide if this is something you would like to do.


*This Jurlique Spa experience and the products photographed were kindly gifted to me by Jurlique in exchange for my honest review on social media. All opinions are my own and I would happy pay for this service in the future.

After Jurlique Facial Signature Spa Treatment Skincare

After Jurlique Facial Signature Spa Treatment Skincare

After Jurlique Facial Signature Spa Treatment Skincare

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