Ocinium June Review: Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil

Ocinium Green Tea Ginseng Facial Oil Natural Skincare

Ocinium Green Tea Ginseng Facial Oil Natural Skincare

Hi everyone. June has been and gone which means it’s time from another Ocinium review. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on their Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil.

Before I go into the review, I thought it would be useful to tell you a little about my skin. At the moment it has been in extremely good condition thanks to a photo rejuvenation session at Richmond Skin and Laser. You can read more about that soon because I will be sharing my experiences later on this month!

Since I’ve barely had any acne problems lately, maintaining my clear complexion is my top priority. I've been drinking plenty of water and tea, I've been stricter with cutting out dairy and I'm even getting back into exercising next week. I'm starting adult ballet classes which is something I've always wanted to try. However, despite all these positive changes, it has been a pretty cold winter and avoiding dryness is a concern for me. That's why the Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil is the perfect product for me in the winter months.

The product itself is lightweight and has a very earthy scent to it. You may have guessed this already if you are familiar with ginseng. This was something I had to get used to as I am quite in love with my floral and citrus fragrances. In addition to green tea and ginseng, the oil has a lot of other ingredients of benefit. Think Vitamin E, jojoba and camellia oil.

In terms of application, I'm using a serum from another brand to help heal acne pigmentation. As per this brand's guidelines, I apply my serum first and then use the Ocinium Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil. I find doing it this way works much better. The oil locks the serum in and my face feels hydrated right up until I perform my next skincare routine. When I’ve applied product in the opposite order (i.e. oil first and serum second) the results didn’t last as long. The product wears off halfway between my morning and night routine and the benefits aren’t maximized. So serum first and facial oil later is definitely a good tip to follow, especially in winter when you really want to seal in hydration and moisture and avoid water loss from the skin.

While I haven’t experienced any dramatic changes using this product, I love how hydrating it is in winter. It’s definitely one to look into if you are wanting to try something new with no nasties.


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