A Review of Ocinium’s Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse

One of my latest skincare obsessions is Ocinium, an Australian brand that is leading the way in natural beauty products. Founded by naturopath, herbalist and beauty expert Cassandra Hilton, Ocinium is backed by the intelligence and knowledge that only an expert in the natural health industry can provide. Ingredients used are natural and organic, and all the formulations in the range have been designed to provide the most amazing skincare experience. I have been trialing the Ocinium “Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse*” for 3 weeks now and am so excited to finally share my thoughts on the blog.

I have been searching for a good natural cleanser for a long time. It’s one of the trickiest things in my opinion to get right in a natural skincare line. I’ve tried many that are ineffective or too mild, others with consistency issues and some with ill thought out packaging that can lead to product contamination. None of these complaints however were encountered when using the Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse, making this the best natural cleanser to date that I have tried. In fact my love for this product is so great that when it runs out I will actually repurchase it

Packaging: Packaged in a luxe thick black glass bottle, the product looks beautiful displayed in the bathroom. You may think that being made of glass it would make the cleanser very fragile, however when I accidentally dropped it from the basin onto the hard ceramic bathroom tiles, it survived with not even a scratch. The product is dispensed using a pump and it should be noted that around 20 pumps might be needed before the product starts flowing out initially.

Consistency: The product has a silky smooth, creamy consistency and glides onto the skin with ease. It massages into the skin beautifully, giving a deeper cleanse than most natural products on the market.

Experiences with the product: The Ocinium Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse, as its name may suggest, contains AHA fruit acids and botanical enzymes. This means that the product is able to break down dead skin cells, grime and sweat quite effectively while helping to exfoliate the skin and promote its regeneration. As you use this product you may experience a slight tingling sensation due to the enzymes and natural plant acids working their magic. I wanted to mention this as it is quite normal, however may be a strange sensation if you are not accustomed to using this sort of cleanser. For those with particularly sensitive skin however, this product may be unsuitable so I suggest trying a sample before purchasing the bottle. In terms of my personal experiences, this wonderful product leaves my face feeling beautifully hydrated and nourished with a noticeable healthy glow. It contains natural botanical oils, which ensures that your face is never stripped completely or left feeling tight. This means that you can use it daily with no fear of it breaking you out or causing your skin to feel dry and flaky. This formulation is perfect for my skin, as harsh cleansers that strip all the natural oils away break me out. For those interested in the science, this happens because the skin will start increasing the natural oil production to compensate the losses with cleansing, which then clogs the pores and leads to acne.

Usage: Personally, I am only able to use this product once at night. Washing my face more than once per day (with any product) does not work for my skin, as it tends to break me out. If you have skin issues, keep this in mind as over washing can strip the skin of its natural oils and good bacteria, which increase susceptibility of acne and other skin conditions.

All in all the Ecdysis bio-ferment enzyme cleanse is the most amazing natural cleanser I have used. I am very impressed with Ocinium and look forward to experimenting more with their range.


*The products in this post were given to me as a PR sample, however all the opinions stated are 100% factual and honest to my experience.



  1. August 30, 2017 / 07:49

    Great post lovie!! Love natural and organic products! I use also some! Might try Ocinium as well! Sounds really good! X

  2. September 1, 2017 / 01:35

    I love this one from Instagram, and now reading all the details makes me want to try it asap! I go see if they send in Europe! They got me on natural and organic, and on the amazing packaging 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing Adrianna! xoxo

  3. September 7, 2017 / 14:23

    Haven’t heard about this product, but that looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it dear. Would love to try this soon.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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