Ocinium May Edition – Antioxidant & Pollution Defence Discovery Set Review

Ocinium Antioxidant Pollution Defence High Performance Organic Skincare

Ocinium Antioxidant Pollution Defence High Performance Organic Skincare

Apologies for the lateness in posting May’s Ocinium review. I’ve had to take some time away from social media because life has been so hectic lately. All the more reason to pamper my skin with great products from Ocinium hehe! This time round I want to talk about their Antioxidant & Pollution Defence Discovery Set*. It’s the perfect skincare routine for combating atmospheric aging and the stresses modern life has on our precious skin.

Like the other sets, Ocinium’s Antioxidant & Pollution Defence Discovery Set consists of three 10 ml bottles that create a full skincare routine. You get to try the Ecdysis Cleanse (reviewed here) and Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream. Then finally there’s a serum included and that’s what differentiates this trio from the others. This time round I was able to experience the Elemental Vitamin A+C+E Serum for the first time. It’s jam packed with nutritious ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, Vitamin C, tocopherals, Vitamin A and pomegranate. Talk about the ultimate skin food! Side note - I love that Ocinium is a high performance skincare range with no nasties. All of their ingredients are renowned for benefiting the skin, reducing fine lines and improving youthfulness. It’s amazing that the concentrations of their active ingredients are at a level that will actually benefit your skin (unlike many other natural brands on the market)! That’s why I was especially excited to review this set and try the serum.

After trialing all of the “Discovery Sets” in Ocinium’s range (read here and here), I think that the Antioxidant & Pollution Defence Discovery Set is my favorite. It’s a crowd-pleaser and the ingredients address most of the common concerns people have with their skin. Vitamin C for example helps to brighten and repair whilst Vitamin A reduces acne by moderating sebum. Then you have hyaluronic acid, which combats fine lines by plumping the skin and aiding with collagen repair. Oh and remember the added tocopherals (aka Vitamin E) to protect against UV and free radical damage. So as you can see the ingredients certainly address nearly every concern a modern person experiences!

As for my personal experiences I am very happy with the results. For those interested I performed the routine once at night and the cream and cleanser ran out at just before the 3-week mark. I’m still going on the serum. Immediately after performing the routine my face was left glowing and soft. My complexion was left looking brighter and more even. It’s been a while since I’ve had a breakout and these products have helped to maintain this clear skin I have happening right now. I’m excited to review the A+C+E serum in the future, as I love the light consistency and how versatile it is.

*Products gifted by Ocinium but all opinions are my own from extensively trialing the product for 3 weeks.


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