A Review of Ocinium Skincare’s Age Defiance Discovery Set

Ocinium Age Defiance Discovery Set Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Cleanse Multi-Vitamin Cream

Ocinium Age Defiance Discovery Set Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Cleanse Multi-Vitamin Cream

Ocinium Age Defiance Discovery Set Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Cleanse Multi-Vitamin Cream

I can’t believe it’s the end of another month and time for April’s Ocinium* post! This month I will be sharing my experiences using their Age Defiance Discovery Set.

For those of you who tune in regularly to my Ocinium posts, you may remember that I reviewed their “Brighten & Illuminate Discovery Set” not too long ago (see here). To avoid any confusion between my last review and this one, I will explain a little more about Ocinium’s “Discovery Sets” so you can learn what they’re all about.

Ocinium has three different “Discovery Sets” in their range and each one targets a different skin concern. Each “Discovery Set” comes with a 10 ml bottle of the “Ecdysis BioFerment Cleanse” and “Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream” and depending on which one you select, the serum changes. These sets are designed to provide around 2-3 weeks of the brand’s 3-step skincare routine. This makes them a great option if you want to become familiar with the products without committing to a full sized bottle. That way you can experience the results for yourself at a small cost before you decide whether you want to part with you hard earned cash.

Now onto my review of the Age Defiance Discovery Set. As explained before, this set of course comes with a 10ml bottle of the “Ecdysis BioFerment Cleanse” (reviewed separately here) and“Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream”. What makes it unique is the inclusion of the “Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum”. This serum helps to combat the signs of aging by increasing the skin’s hydration and immune response and reducing pigmentation. Over three weeks I used each product once per day during my nightly skincare routine. I found that the cream ran out first at the 2-week mark, followed by the cleanser. The serum still has a little bit left so I have been using it with other product I have at home.

The products themselves have a lovely consistency and smell great. The cream is nourishing yet light at the same time. The serum sits beautifully on top of the cream and really helps to lock in all that moisture while you sleep at night. I would wake up the next morning and my skin would still feel soft and dewy.

As for how my skin is faring after using the set? Well, this month my skin has been looking and feeling amazing since visiting the spa (read here). So for me, April was all about maintaining that flawless post-facial glow. Over the last 2-3 weeks while using the Age Defiance Discovery Set the products have definitely helped to maintain my perfect complexion. Usually I get a breakout right after my period when my progesterone dips. I’m happy to say that this month I’ve avoided it and I’ve been enjoying 3 weeks of acne free skin. While I can’t attribute all of this to using the set, it has definitely helped to extend and enhance the benefits of my professional facial. I’m very happy with how my skin is looking and feeling at the moment and I feel confident leaving the house with no make-up. In the future I aim to review some more of the individual items in the set. Stay tuned for next month to learn more about Ocinium’s range.

* These Ocinium products reviewed and photographed were kindly gifted to me by PR in exchange for my honest review on social media. All opinions are my own and I would happy pay for them in the future.



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