Laser Hair Removal – A Review of Cynosure’s Vectus Machine

Recently I visited the Victorian Skin & Laser Clinic in Mount Waverly to experience their latest offerings in laser hair removal. Having had many treatments in the past on other lasers, I was interested to see how their new Vectus Machine designed by Cynosure performs. In this article I will review my experience receiving a full leg treatment on this latest technology and also dispel a few myths regarding laser hair removal.

Firstly though, I would like to compare my previous treatments to the newer Vectus model. Some of you, like me, may be more familiar with the Candela type lasers, which work alongside a cooling gas. While I have experienced great success on this type of machine, after trying the Cynosure technology I have to say that it is my preference of the two for full leg treatments. Firstly Cynosure’s Vectus machine has a larger head, meaning it can treat a greater surface area with each zap! Further speeding the process along is the fact the machine requires less recovery or pauses between zaps. As a result the treatment times on significant areas such as the chest, thighs or back are shaved in half! Pun totally intended. Another advantage is that this newer offering designed by Cynosure doesn’t require any cooling gases, which can feel unpleasant on the skin. Instead it has a crystal tip, which touches and cools the skin’s surface to negate the heat of the laser. It’s pretty neat!

Personally trying out the new Vectus machine by Cynosure was an amazing experience. I was in great hands, as the staff at the Victorian Skin & Laser Clinic in Mount Waverly went above and beyond to ensure my experience was amazing. My practitioner was so knowledgeable and explained every aspect of process. This not only impressed the science nerd in me but it made me feel safe because I could tell I was in competent hands. For the full leg treatment I received, instead of usually taking an hour, it was completed in half the time on the Vectus machine. This is fantastic for those like me with a busy schedule, or for the people out there that wished their laser treatment could be over sooner. I wish this option was available to me when I first started treatments 2 years ago.

For anyone reading who may be hesitant to try laser hair removal, I just have to say that it has been the best cosmetic procedure I have ever invested in. Sure you may expect some pain, however it’s no more than waxing! And after 3-4 treatments any pain you may have felt initially will significantly subside as more hair follicles are destroyed and less hair grows back. As for the expense, when you consider the lifelong cost of waxing or the amount of time and energy you dedicate to shaving, it really works in your favour in the long run. My tip if you are worried about the expense is to save up and buy your sessions in bulk. This can cut costs in half and more importantly will ensure that you commit to regular treatments every 4-6 weeks, which is recommended for optimal results.

I will end by saying that laser hair removal has changed how I live my life! It's a great feeling being bikini ready all summer long and being able to wear anything I want without having to worry whether I remembered to shave or wax! I also don’t need to worry about ingrown hairs (which I used to be prone to) or waste valuable time shaving when my schedule is super busy. All in all I am living a more carefree and adventurous life, which to me is worth every penny.


I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've experienced this or any other laser treatments currently or in the past. 



  1. Emilie
    October 16, 2017 / 20:08

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am tempted to try laser hair removal and would definitely be swayed by the convenience of it all.

  2. November 8, 2017 / 23:33

    I’d like to try out laser hair removal. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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