Love Me, Scrub Me! My addiction to the Coffee Scrub by C Lab & Co

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub Citrus Oil Almond Natural Skincare Australian

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub Citrus Oil Almond Natural Skincare Australian

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub Citrus Oil Almond Natural Skincare Australian

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the weekend. Today I am reviewing an amazing natural coffee scrub* that’s so good it made it’s way to the Oscars! It’s made by C Lab & Co and if you haven’t heard about them, I’m about to get you very well acquainted. With yummy natural ingredients such as roasted ground coffee and citrus oil, what's not to love?

Firstly, at an initial glance I can’t deny how beautiful the packaging is! The minimal design would look great displayed in any modern bathroom. Not to mention that it makes my job super easy as a blogger to create beautiful imagery hehe.

When I finally opened the product I was unprepared for the amazing scent! Think of the most intense aroma of freshly ground coffee mixed with subtle citrus notes. Then the consistency is just like wet grounds of coffee. Basically, the smell and texture had me dreaming of a cuppa and that’s saying something, as I’m not a coffee drinker at all! Nor am I a morning person, which leads me to my next point. Another added benefit is that the smell instantly energises me. It’s such an invigorating way to experience coffee and best of all it doesn’t require drinking it.

Given how effective this smell is at waking me up, I have also found another use for this C Lab & Co scrub. I now keep the jar on my bedside table for days where I’m tempted to sleep in. Suffering from chronic fatigue, I have a very unhealthy relationship with sleep. It’s very tempting for me to want to stay in bed for hours due to immense fatigue, which obviously isn’t great for balancing my circadian rhythm. So whenever I feel too exhausted to get out of bed I open the jar and smell this intoxicating aroma of coffee. Instantly I feel as if I’m alive and ready to take on the day. I know it sounds so weird but it actually works!

By the way guys, I have no idea why this happened but the product seal made a large bang and exploded across the room when I unfastened the plastic lid. The sound definitely frightened me, as I didn’t expect that to happen. Luckily this didn't create any mess! I thought that I should warn you, even though this is probably just bad luck on my part. Personally I like to give honest reviews to show that I genuinely care about all of you who read my blog.

Now onto the most important part! I’m sure you’re all eager to hear my experiences trialing this C Lab & Co Scrub. So in terms of use I found it best to apply this product in the shower. Using it in a bath would be too messy. After lathering on body wash and rinsing, I turn off the water completely. Then I slowly work the scrub into my damp skin, making sure I massage it into all areas except my face. The granules are perfectly sized so they exfoliate without any scratchiness or irritation. Finally, I rinse thoroughly, ensuring that no granules are stuck to my skin before exiting the shower.

After using the scrub, my skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and nourished. So much so that it’s not necessary for me to apply any moisuriser afterwards. In fact my skin errs on the side of a little too oily, however this sensation fades in half an hour once all of the natural oils in the product have been absorbed. The best thing of all is how radiant my skin is after using this. My skin glows in a way it never has before. Oh and for the remainder of the day my skin retains the lingering scent of coffee and citrus. It makes perfume completely optional because the smell is so tantilisingly delicious.

I know that coffee scrubs are targeted at reducing cellulite, stretch marks and scars so I will also address this. Can I say I experienced these kinds of results? No I didn’t, however I wasn’t expecting miracles after only 2 weeks use. Plus my expectations for the product were for exfoliation purposes only – which it does extremely well. The other benefits I’ve mentioned e.g. glowing skin, feeling energised and smelling like coffee are all added extras I was pleasantly surprised by.

As for price, this C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub is definitely affordable luxury! You can find it here on the Core-Metrics website for $24.95. Also keep an eye out for places like Priceline or Amcal as you may even find it a bit cheaper. The generous 330g tub means that even with twice a week usage, the product will definitely last for a few months. A little goes a long way. I love using this C Lab & Co scrub so much and it is a welcome addition to my skincare ritual. I think you should never underestimate the happiness great beauty products can give you. My skincare routine makes me happy because it’s one of the few times during the day that I do something completely indulgent for myself. Definitely keep this scrub in mind next time you want to do something nice for yourself or a loved one.

* Product was gifted for Instagram content, however I loved it so much that I wanted to review it for my natural beauty series.


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