Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017 – There is More Than One Way to Wear a Scarf

MimaMochi wearing Chanel Cuba Scarf as a top and mules with Asilio white pants

MimaMochi wearing Chanel exotic Stingray Mini Boy Bag, Chanel Cuba Scarf, cuffs and Asilio white pants

Chanel silver stingray boy bag with Paris in Rome door knocker cuff

A scarf is undoubtedly a chic addition to one’s wardrobe. What I personally love is that they can immediately dress up an otherwise plain outfit, allowing one to ooze of instant French appeal. The humble scarf lends itself to uses outside the realm of its original intent, making it a versatile and great investment piece. All the more reason to splurge on that Hermès one you have been eying off in store!

With an imagination and a piece of cloth, the options and styling are endless. A scarf may be worn as a top (in numerous ways), sarong, skirt, turban, bandana, bag, dress or belt and much, much more. It’s not so humble after all hey? In fact if I were a scarf I would probably be boasting of my superpowers from the top of the Burj Khalifa, however that would make me completely impractical to wear. Thank goodness every scarf I have met has been completely well mannered. Even when I stab them with my brooch they still sit pretty.

In this post I am wearing a large rectangular scarf, which was folded in such a way so that I could wear it as a halter neck top. It is from Chanel’s recent Coco Cuba Cruise line and may be still available to purchase (depending on where you’re located in the world). I am unsure of the specifics as I was recently gifted this by my local Chanel boutique.


What Adrianna is wearing

This post is nearly a Chanel only affair. The cuffs and mules are from Chanel’s Paris in Rome Métiers d'Art Collection. The silk scarf worn as a top is a piece launched with their Cruise Cuba line. The Chanel items have been styled with a pair of white “On The Run” pants by Asilio.



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