It’s February and the summer heat and beach days are still going strong for us lucky Melbournians. You would have thought that with the amount of outdoor time, sunshine, make-up free days and fresh ocean water my skin has been privy to, I would be living life as a clear skinned, bronzed goddess. However, alas not for me. To be honest, I probably don’t deserve amazing skin anyway. I knew better and yet I still overindulged during the Christmas period, gorging on shortbread, cookies, yummy chocolates, salumi platters and specialty cheeses that can only be described as heavenly. I know all this stuff breaks me out, however I refused to listen to my body, and come early Feb I was still paying for it with the worst acne outbreak of my entire life. Oh and to make matters worse, my favorite night-cream that I depend on to shrink my pimples has been sold out since early December. It will not be in stock until March 20, which means nearly a quarter of a year of going without it. Booo!

You will be glad to know that just like the conflict resolution of any good story, my skin crisis ends up being averted. This is thanks to my favourite high performance organic skincare label “Ocinium”. In early February the brand’s PR contacted me. They sent out a standard product email detailing the benefits of their Vitamin C serum, so I replied and expressed interest. I’d never tried it before and it sounded like just the thing for the non-Chanel bags under my eyes. I may joke about the bags under my eyes, however to put it bluntly Mr Mochi used to call me “Raccooni” when we were first dating. Obviously the name never stuck as I expressed my clear displeasure at the offending nickname, however it does illustrate to you all how entirely terrible my eye bag problem was. I’m telling you, these bags would never disappear despite any efforts I made to get enough sleep, remain well nourished, avoid food intolerances, stay hydrated, or exercise regularly. It was very disheartening.

Now that you have a complete backstory of the state of my skin prior to reviewing the products below, I will continue on. As PR and I emailed back and forth regarding my eye-bag problem, I was informed that the Ocinium “Brighten & Illuminate Discovery Set” would be more appropriate for my concerns. This set is comprised of three 10ml sample sized bottles of different Ocinium products. Included are the Ecdysis Bioferment Enzyme Cleanse (reviewed previously here), Metamorphis Multi-vitamin Cream and Luminosity Vitamin C Serum. All three work synergistically with each another to restore the skin’s brightness, reduce any pigmentation and even out skin tone. Together they are a complete skincare regime, so it is not necessary to use any other products alongside them. In saying this, I still used an organic oil pre-cleanse from another brand to help thoroughly remove make-up prior to using the Ecdysis Cleanse. This is because I’m a little bit OCD about make-up removal these days. Additionally, after cleansing and before using the Metamorphis Cream (aka moisturizer equivalent) and Luminosity Serum, I would gently exfoliate my face with these cocoon balls from Daiso. I would perform this routine once per day in the evening as this works best for my skin.

Since using the Brighten & Illuminate Discovery Set I am absolutely amazed at the difference this regime has made to my face. For the first time since probably age ten, I have almost no bags under my eyes and my pimples are in the final stages of clearing up. I may not need to rely so heavily on that night cream after all, which is reassuring. Overall my skin is brighter looking and I love the healthy glow I now have sans make-up. These results by the way are from only two and a half weeks use. I am so excited to see the long-term changes, as there is pigmentation on my face that I would love to see evened out. The set claims to achieve this, however I haven’t trialed it long enough to see these kinds of results yet. In the future I plan on reviewing each item from the Brighten & Illuminate Discovery Set extensively (as I did for the Ecdysis Cleanse last year). This will happen when I am able to trial these products for a longer period of time. This will allow me to share both my short term and long-term experiences.

For those interested, the Brighten & Illuminate Discovery Set contains enough product to allow you to experience the full skincare regime for approximately three weeks. This is provided you use each product once per day like I did. For me, it’s looking like the cream will run out first, followed by the cleanser. The serum still has quite a bit left in it, which makes sense considering that it’s just one third of a full sized bottle and the others are scaled down much more.

With the amazing transformation my skin has undergone, I really wish I felt comfortable enough to share some before/after shots with you. Ocinium skincare has changed my life, and is one of the very best organic cosmeceutical skincare ranges out there. I’m a little self conscious of posting HD photos of my raccoon eyes and acne breakouts to my blog. With time I will get to a place where I feel completely comfortable with sharing my skin at its worst as well as at its best.

Additionally, I want to inform you that while I have been gifted these skincare products to trial, you will all agree that spending over ten hours writing, taking and editing pictures and assembling a blog post is a lot of trouble to go to just for a set valued at $65. I agreed to this undertake this collaboration as I love Ocinium skincare and have even purchased their products myself. I want to inspire more people to try them so they can benefit from the results themselves.

Finally, I am also very excited to announce that I am to be part of a very special social media campaign for Ocinium. This means every month I will be reviewing a different product from their range on my blog. I am very excited and honoured to be a part of this project and cannot wait to share more beautiful, natural skincare products with you all.


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