Aqua De Vida: My Tropical Skincare Adventure

Vitamin E & Coconut Oil Pre Cleanse, Milky Shea Cleanser, Pineapple Enzyme Moisturiser and Lash Balm Aqua De Vida Natural Australian Skincare

Vitamin E & Coconut Oil Pre Cleanse, Milky Shea Cleanser, Pineapple Enzyme Moisturiser and Lash Balm Aqua De Vida Natural Australian Skincare

I have been using Aqua De Vida products* on and off for the last few months. This means I’ve had a considerable amount of time to genuinely review the range and test all items reviewed under pretty much any condition. You name it, this range has seen me through it. It’s been used during the worst acne breakout of my life, it has helped me maintain my perfect complexion during good skin periods and I have also tested it under summer and winter conditions. I’m super excited to let you know what I think.

1. Aqua De Vida Vitamin E & Coconut Oil Pre-Cleanse (Turquoise Range)

If you guys don't use a pre-cleanse in your skin routine, it's something I highly recommend getting onto. A pre-cleanse is usually an oil based product that you massage into your skin to help dissolve and remove makeup and impurities. The best thing about these types of cleaners is that they work well for both dry and oily skin types. For dry skin, it’s self explanatory, the oils help to moisturise and hydrate the skin whilst removing impurities. For oily types, it helps in a few different ways. Our skin may produce excessive oil as a result of using harsh cleansers or over cleansing. When we do this we strip the skin of its natural oils, and as a result the body will compensate by increasing oil production. While cleansing frequently and using harsh cleansers sound like the perfect solution for oily skin it makes the problem MUCH worse. That's why I always recommend an oil-based pre-cleanser like this one here. It's the same medium as sebum and the other natural oils of your skin. This means it does a better job at dissolving these impurities, because “like dissolves like”. At the same time though, it helps to enrich your skin barrier with beneficial compounds that have skincare benefits. This product contains coconut oil, which has anti-bacterial properties, and vitamin E, which is great for improving healing and skin elasticity.

My experiences: I use this product every night as the first step of cleansing. This has been the best oil cleanser I’ve found as it contains coconut oil, vitamin E and avocado oil, which my skin responds very well to. For anyone interested, coconut oil is one of the best things I’ve found for healing my post inflammatory pigmentation from acne. Many other oil cleansers contain rosehip or argan oil and both these ingredients irritate my skin and break me out. I'm glad I've found this Aqua De Vida alternative. To use this product I dispense a small amount onto the palm of my hand and warm it with my body temperature before applying it to my face. This ensures that it can be massaged easily into the skin. Following this I will gently massage the product for 1 minute into my skin. Then I will wet my hands with warm water, and continue massaging for another minute. When this step is performed you may notice the cleanser turning white and milky. After this I rinse my skin and if need be I will follow through with the second cleanse. If I’m not wearing makeup I won’t bother with a second cleanse, however if I am I go onto doing the second step to ensure it is thoroughly removed. After doing this, my skin feels clean, soft, smooth and healthy.

2. Aqua De Vida Milky Shea Cleanser (Ruby Range)

I use this product in the second step of the cleansing process. When used alongside the Vitamin E & Coconut pre-cleanse, I find all my makeup is removed with ease and my face is totally clean. This cleanser has some beautiful natural ingredients like aloe vera, organic essential oils, herbal extracts and shea butter. It's a great product because it cleanses whilst nourishing the skin with natural oils at the same time. You are never left feeling dry or like your face has been stripped. For me personally, I found this product a little rich for my skin, especially in summer when my skin is already super hydrated. It also doesn’t specifically target my current focus of brightening and evening my complexion. That's why I don't use this regularly. I get better results with other products. In saying this, during a psoriasis flare up I may gravitate to this cleanser to get that extra hydration boost. Now does my honest review mean that the product is bad? No, not at all. Skincare is uniquely personal because everyone has their own unique set of skin concerns. I think this product is perfect if you are suffering from dryness in winter. If you use both the pre-cleanse and the milky shea cleanser together in your skincare routine, your face will feel soft, hydrated and smooth before even applying moisturiser and serum! For those wanting to address brightening like me I would recommend the Ecydsis cleanse from Ocinium (reviewed here). It's my absolute favourite and a daily staple in my skincare regime.

3. Aqua De Vida Pineapple Enzyme Moisturizer (Topaz Range)

After using this for the last few months, I have definitely come to appreciate this reliable moisturiser. This product contains pineapple and papaya enzymes, which I find my skin responds very well to. In fact my favourite cleanser from Ocinium (mentioned previously) contains fruit enzymes too. They really help to improve your natural glow. The ingredient list for this moisturiser also states that it contains salicylic acid. I’m usually against this ingredient in skincare, however it’s added naturally through the use of white willow bark extract rather than as an isolated chemical. Interesting fact – salicylic acid only works well to combat acne if the PH of the product is less than 4. That's good to remember if you're an acne sufferer hoping to get real results out of your skincare. As for my experiences, using this consistently for 3 weeks my skin seemed brighter which is a great plus. The formulation is light, creamy and absorbs completely into the skin. It never feels greasy either. It is the perfect consistency and leaves my skin hydrated all day. In saying that do I use it all the time? The answer is no. I'm kind of addicted to the smell of Jurlique's "Balancing Face Oil" so I've been gravitating towards that lately.

4. Aqua De Vida Lash Balm (Sapphire Range)

Admittedly, I'm not someone who would buy lash balm. I'm one of those rare ladies that has ridiculously long and thick eyelashes. However, the brand was lovely enough to send me some (without my asking) so I decided to trial and review it. To my surprise I've noticed less fall out of eyelashes, which is pretty neat. I’ve also noticed that the hairs feel softer and more nourished.

For anyone interested in buying the range, Aqua De Vida have created a discount code for me to share with you all. Use MOCHI10 at the checkout to receive 10% off. I don't make any money from your purchase, it's just a nice gesture the brand and I have organised for those interested in trying it out. If I were to recommend one must have, I would say go for the Vitamin E & Coconut Oil Pre-Cleanse. It works amazingly to remove makeup and the bottle will last for at least 6 months with daily use.

*Products were gifted to share on Instagram. I reviewed them on the blog to provide extra detail for those wanting to make an informed decision before buying.


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